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Avast browser Cleanup Crack / Activation Code

Avast browser Cleanup Crack / Activation Code

Nowadays almost any free software for Windows comes with some more or less unwanted add-ons (generally known as toolbars) which are mostly the cash cow for the product vendor. A lot of these toolbars are annoying for the user.

Avast browser cleanup crack helps to delete unwanted and harmful toolbars and plug-in from your browser. You can easily get rid of annoying extensions and bad add-ons. These are really harmful as they can track your online data, the websites you visited and all your browsing information.

These extensions and tool bars slow down your browser and affect its working. They can also manipulate your search results. Surely everyone wants to get rid of them but they are really hard to remove.

Avast browser cleanup 2016 serves the purpose. Simply download it and run the browser clean up utility without the need to install anything. Using Avast browser cleanup you can disable all the toolbars and plug-ins with a single click.

It was last updated on 3rd February 2106. It is completely free and occupies only 3.7MB of space.

Avast browser Cleanup Crack / Activation Code

Key features Avast browser Cleanup 2016 Activation Code

  • You can get rid of dangerous and potentially harmful extensions, toolbars or hijacked searches by using avast browser cleanup.
  • For troubleshooting, Avast Browser Cleanup creates a technical log of everything it finds attached to your browsers.
  • Unlike a virus scan, Avast Browser Cleanup searches quickly and does its work incredibly fast.
  • Avast Browser Cleanup is completely free. There is no need of credit card and there is no expiration date of the app.
  • It restores your browser settings, disable extensions and bring your browser back to its original and clean state.
  • The program doesn’t explain how it ranks what it detects. So you don’t have much information for deciding what to keep or delete.
  • Avast browser cleanup is tested virus free product.
  • Avast browser cleanup provides a “disable” button which switches off the functionality of the add-ons. You can re-enable the add-ons by clicking on the enable button.
  • Avast browser cleanup effectively scans your web browser for the harmful toolbars and add-ons installed on your computer. You can then disable or remove the ones which are harmful or not required.
  • It also produces a summary report about the add-ons. It shows which add-ons are harmless and which of them are engaged in harmful activities to manipulate your browser settings.
  • It does not provide user any information or explanation that why some add-ons are categorized as bad or harmful.
  • Avast Browser Cleanup activation code works for the three major Internet Browsers which are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • There are some disadvantages of the browser cleanup too. It identifies Google hangouts add-ons that convert web pages to PDFs.
  • Browser cleanup also classifies core Internet Explorer components as add-ons. Removal of these would actually break the browser or affect its activity.

Author note:

If you want to get rid of annoying toolbars and extensions, Avast browser cleanup is the best option available.


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