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bluestacks offline installer

Everytime a new device comes out it creates a problem. Compatibility.

In just the same way that my old 1980’s cassette tapes won’t fit in my DVD player, no matter how hard I push, it’s also a modern frustration to have incredible apps on your mobile that you can’t also access on your PC.

So what if I said this. YOU CAN!

Yep, that’s right, it’s easy, free and super fast to play mobile apps for PC – all you need is an Android emulator for PC and it just so happens we know the best one around.

bluestacks offline installer Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10


It’s called Bluestacks and has around 130 million people around the world using its App Player, which means twice as many people use Bluestacks as live in the United Kingdom.

They have a pretty modest site description because you really can describe what Bluestacks is in just one sentence. So here goes: ‘BlueStacks App Player lets you run mobile apps fast and fullscreen on Windows and Mac’ – never a truer word spoken!

However, just because what it does is simple doesn’t mean how it does it is simple.

There has been a great deal of work that has gone in to creating a program that makes things easy for you, no matter how hard the processing is behind the scenes.

bluestacks offline installer Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10


And that’s the key here. Everything is simple and fluid. Whilst BlueStacks doesn’t replicate the entire Android experience it does give you everything you expect and a little bit more.

You could argue that the best part of bluestacks offline installer is simply the way you can take games and Apps from Android and move them seamlessly to your PC, however you’d be missing the real power here. You’d be missing the real strength of BlueStacks over its competitors.

BlueStacks has amazing cloud connectivity, which basically means that you can truly sync that Android phone of yours with your computer and this happens instantly. You can move over Apps, your photos and videos, even sync all of your messages and more so that everything on your Android devices is accessible and updated instantly to your PC.

BlueStacks is not the only option on the market for this but, for my money, it is the smartest and most reliable. Because let’s be really honest here for a second, what do you want from a piece of software like this?

To work. That’s all you really want, for it to do the job it says it will do and do that job well.

BlueStacks could never be accused of anything less.

You can text from your computer, browse your mobile files to send in emails and take that game of Clash of Clans full screen so you actually have a chance of winning!

Immediate, slick connectivity. Nice work, BlueStacks!


BlueStacks is pretty sweet and has neat features you might not know you need!

It’s compatible with PC, MAC, ANDROID, HTML5 and FLASH and gives you access to over 1.5 million Android Games as well as over half a million HTML 5/Flash games.So if you want to Play mobile games on your PC, BlueStacks has your back!

It’s FREE which is a price that everybody gets a kick out of but unlike gaming services like STEAM, ORIGIN and UPLAY there are things you can do as a gamer with BlueStacks that you can’t do with them.

You can stream directly to TWITCH, which only Origin can offer and you can also multi-task, jumping in and out of the App Player when necessary.

Also, unlike the gaming competition mentioned above, BlueStacks App Player isn’t just for games, you can access all your other apps too meaning it’s a little like having a second computer, rather than just an App Player.

BlueStacks offline installer also mirrors your one-touch gestures on a trackpad to mirror those of a touch screen meaning you can navigate in a really fluid way that is rarely so well executed as it is here.


Good question. The truth is that you’ll rarely ever find an emulator that doesn’t hit some problems from time to time.

So let’s put this in context.

BlueStacks does sometimes have some issues running certain apps but you will not find an emulator that doesn’t. It’s not often you’ll hit a problem but at some point, you probably will.

And whilst the ability to access your Android apps on your computer is very handy, there are only a handful of non-gaming apps that you’ll find yourself using. This really does suit games and gaming more than anything else.

SO, SHOULD I GET bluestacks offline installer for pc / laptop?

My guess is you already know if you want to download Bluestacks offline installer if you should get it based on two things.

  • You already knew you wanted an Android emulator for PC.

In which case, congratulations you found one!

This is the Android Emulator for you, it’s slicker and more effective than its competitors and gives you a seamless ability to sync your photos and files as well as running Android apps on your PC.

  • You’re looking to play Android games on your PC

Again, congratulations, this is the app for you! There really isn’t a suitable competitor when BlueStacks even stands up so well against other, similar gaming portals like Steam, Origin and Uplay.

However, it is just possible that you fall into neither of these camps or you’re looking to just text from your PC. In which case it’s a lot of fiddling around when there are individual apps tailored for that purpose only.

For example if you wanted to text right from your desktop then you might as well get the Whatsapp desktop application as its end-to-end encryption means it is more secure.

All in all, if an Android emulator for PC is what you’re looking for then this is the best program around so download BlueStacks offline installer here and start playing Candy Crush full screen (because we all know that’s all you really want to do).

bluestacks offline installer PC / Laptop Free Download Link below


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