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BWMeter 7.0.4

BWMeter 7.0.4 Uploadable Free Download

The ability to monitor and control their network activity is one of the things that most computer users desire. For large organizations and institutions, this is an essential thing that must never be overlooked. Despite this, it cannot be done manually and hence there is the need for an application that can do such operations. Many users have over the years trusted BWMeter for such purposes, and its latest release reveals why it is still the top choice among a majority of them.

BWMeter 7.0.4 Uploadable Free Download

Key Features:

  • Bandwidth is displayed both graphically and numerically
  • The bandwidth measurements can be done using customizable filters
  • One can customize their graphs and how the bandwidth is presented
  • Doubles up as a firewall
  • It monitors and displays all the interfaces alongside both incoming and outgoing traffic on the network
  • Offers control for access, traffic, and speed limits
  • Offers an interactive statistical overview of other computers running the software
  • The installation and configuration has been eased with the inclusion of default settings
  • It can also monitor web servers and internet connections as it has Ping support functionalities
  • Works on different kinds of networks including LAN, VPN, xDSL, WAN, Dial-Up and Modem
  • Enables the importation and exportation of the statistics it has generated
  • Sends regular notifications and alerts including those warning off malicious internet traffic
  • Is totally flexible and can be fully customized in any way
  • It can also be run as a service on select operating systems

Major Pros and Cons:


  • The fact that it monitors all kinds of traffic including those on local connections and on the internet means that it offers users with a tool that can be used for making informed decisions based on their respective performance
  • It also generates a wide array of statistical reports including periodicals thereby keeping one informed throughout. The feedback is also easily understandable as it is generated in not only numerical but also graphical formats
  • When on the internet, the user can be guaranteed of their security and privacy as the application also works as a firewall and therefore prevents malicious traffic such as malware and hackers from gaining access
  • It can be used for managing how network facilities are utilized as it can be used to set up things such as speed limits, access restrictions, and traffic control
  • Another major advantage of this software is the fact that it can be run on a wide array of network platforms, hence giving users an easy time as they do not have to switch to any other format when running it
  • Given that it is entirely flexible, one can be able to customize it in any way they want including the interface and importing different statistical reports. This is nothing other than convenient.


  • A limiting factor with this application is that as a service, it can only be run on specific kinds of operating systems. These are only limited to Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003.

Most Common User

Anyone who owns a computer connected to others, or the internet would find it extremely useful due to its multiple functionalities. It is also an essential tool for companies that need to secure and control usage of their network connections.

Author note: The Internet and other networks are significant assets and therefore should be managed efficiently by using appropriate software such as BWMeter 7.0.4.


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