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CorelDraw X4 Free Download

The name CorelDraw X4 is probably not a new one to you if you are a graphics person. It is a renowned tool for designing and editing of two-dimensional images and was first released by the Corel Corporation on January 16, 1989. Written in the C++ and C# Programming languages, this vector graphics editor and designer come in different versions and features.

If you have used the X3 version and thought you’ve had the best or perhaps, you wish certain things were improved in it, here comes the X4 version with its improved features finding its way through to the market. The proprietor of the tool made it public first on January 22, 2008. It is actually called CorelDraw x4 Graphics Suite because it comes with several other programs and tools.

CorelDraw X4 Free Download Full Version {Crack + Keygen}

Features of coral draw x4 crack keygen

Corel X4 comes with over fifty improved tools and even new ones. Some of the new and exciting features are here listed

Independent Layers

As opposed to what is obtainable in previous versions, it is now possible for users to manage and edit layers of their choice independently of the current document page they are working on. What this means is that with a single Corel interface opened, several pages and layers can be independently managed

Font Identification

Corel X4 now has the WhatTheFont now integrated into it. This allows you to quickly identify what font type is used in any previous design you wish to import and work on. This, of course, would save you the time of ascertaining which font type would be compatible with continuing the design.

Enhanced Windows Vista Support

It’s no news that Windows Vista only has the certification of CorelDraw as its only graphics suite. This version takes the support for this Windows OS to another level by allowing you to add your own keywords when saving your work which would allow you to better organize your files. In addition, X4 on Vista is now integrated with your system desktop thereby enabling you to search for any file by just entering the keyword or subject

Concept Integration

If you have ever wanted to share your ongoing design with any of your colleagues online, this new feature got you covered. Never again do you have to bother sending large file format via emails. Once you create a workplace with the graphics suite, you just have to upload your design and invite your friends to join and drop their comments on it.

Extensive File Format Support

This release from Corel Corporation prides itself as having support for various file formats such as PDF 1.7, AutoCAD DXF and DWG, Adobe Photoshop CS3, MS Word 2007 Adobe Illustrator creative suite. What this means is that you’ve got little or no hiccups to encounter in exchanging files with your friends or clients.

Welcome Screen

This allows you to see hundreds of designs made with the tool by designers worldwide. You may get inspirations from this and that asides, the screen shows you previously used templates, documents and tools from which you may wish to start off your work.

Upgrades and Installations Options

If you previously operate X3 or a lower version, you can simply upgrade to the X4 and still keep the X3. This comes with a much lower price ($199) as compared to a new user who will have to pay $430 to access its full features. In general, the following steps are to be followed in installing CorelDraw X4

  • It is important that the date and time on your desktop or PC is set correctly
  • Endeavour to turn off your antivirus package and other applications so as to reduce the installation time to a reasonable one.
  • Insert the disc and click on the “Start” button to initiate installation. Follow the instructions for installation and you should have no problem completing the whole process in just some minutes

Minimum System Requirements for Installation

  • RAM: at least 513 MB
  • Hard Disk: 400 MB must be available
  • DVD-ROM or a Flash Drive
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • Processor: 800 MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon XP
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista or a later version


  • Its compatibility with many file types is a big plus
  • It has extensive help features to assist new users


  • It is not a freeware.


CorelDraw X4 is as relevant now as it was when it was first released. Although newer and more enhanced versions now abound, it may be a good starting point for beginners in graphic design as it is relatively simpler to use than the later versions.

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