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dvd player for windows 10 Full Free Download {Official Link}

dvd player for Windows 10 is free at my website crackactivator. We all love Windows, and in most instances of our computer interactions there is no way around it, the software operating system is a must in 99 of 100 cases. With this being said let’s picture a scenario that features a user’s incapacity to watch movies or listen to music while using a DVD disc. You might say this is a nightmare and I can’t blame you. Luckily we have a solution that will keep this from becoming a reality, a DVD Player for Windows 10.

The DVD Disc reading software has been removed and you won’t be able to play music or watch movies from an external DVD. This can be fixed and we are going to talk about this as well as what alternatives we can engage in.

Why is Microsoft’s native DVD player missing?

Why Microsoft has chosen to leave this feature on the outside is a mystery. It might have to do with the fact that most of the content we consume comes from the web or different apps and stores. Saving money on this software Microsoft does make it available on the Store for new users. Users that have upgraded from a Windows with Media Center will also be brought on board.

You can grab the software from the store but it may cost you some money as only certain Windows releases benefit from it as a standard functionality. You might be fortunate and already have the DVD Player. However, if you cannot find it among the other programs do a system update and watch out for it. Look out for a specific update that is called KB3081704 as this is the “code name” of the Windows DVD Player.

The answer is out there

There are many things we can in order to make sure we have a DVD Player for Windows 10. As you may be aware there are solutions for everyone. I am talking about a replacement for the native software that Microsoft offered as a standard. These tools are more than just replacements as they have a lot of other functions to offer. Some of them have quite a history and many of you will find that you may have heard of them.

The best thing about these players is the fact that they are free. They have built in OS compatibility and for many of them, the install process is just a couple of clicks.

Screenshot DVD player for windows 10

dvd player for windows 10 Full Free Download

Free Windows DVD Players

These bad boys are enumerated by no rule, I am not trying to establish a top. I am here to get you acquainted with your options:

  • VLC Media Player – The open source DVD Player for Windows 10 – This is one of the most famous players out there. Nobody can deny its power and the fact that it supports DVD discs, DVD folders, and ISO files make it quite powerful. Grab it and enjoy other features like audio file support for Mac OS, Linux, and Unix. You can also perform media conversion and streaming.
  • Free Player BlazeDVD – Free and quite handy – The perfect choice if you want to start playing content right now without the hassle of other products. It is compatible with Windows 10 and 8. Can play CDs, DVDs, VCDs as well as MP4, AVI, MPEG. You get the idea, also keep in mind that it features a smart ratio change to 16:9.
  • Any 3rd party software that offers DVD Player capabilities – You might get your hands on a free trial that will keep you covered. If this is not the case you can look for 5KPlayer, Daum Pot Player, or Gom Player and others. All of these offer the support needed for playing DVD discs. Some tools even offer Blu-Ray playback.

The conclusion

I am aware that this may be frustrating, having to add new software name as DVD player for Windows 10 to complete a once existing functionality is far from ideal but Microsoft may have just done us a favor. You are now free to engage in a bundle of software that you may even find entertaining. This opens up customization paths and as well as the possibility to choose from what you find satisfying and good to work with.


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