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iFunBox for windows / Mac Download

Are you looking for a good file manager for your phone?  The iPhone is no doubt one of the greatest mobile devices out there. The only problem is that it has a closed file management system that is connected to only iTunes. But there is a solution to the problem. iPhone users can now use iFunBox for Windows, which is a strong file manager for iPod Touch and iPhone. It allows you to browse the contents of your Apple device as if was just another portable drive attached to the computer. Not to worry, you do not need any particular hack to use it.

Download iFunbox for Windows and Mac OSX

When using iFunBox, you simply have to plug your iPod Touch or iPhoneto your PC and launch the program. There is no installation necessary. The software will instantly read the contents of the connected device and present it in a double-pane interface. The date stored in the selected folder will be exhibited on the right side, and the folder structure will be shown on the left side. The program makes it easy to transfer files between the computer and the iPod or iPhone. It will make use of the device’s storage and use it as a convenient USB disk. It will also create backup copies of all your video and music files. With jailbreak, iFunBox hacks also allow you upload and change any image to the iPhone classic to be used as wallpaper.

With this file manager, it is your imagination that sets the limits as to what can be done with your iOS device. You can hack an iOS device as a real pro with iFunBox.

iFunBox for windows / Mac Download

iFunBox Mac

Key Features iFunBox for Mac

  • Users can easily export and import media files with the file manager.
  • You can manage photo, music, video, and ringtone easily with the program’s Quick Toolbox.
  • More than one file can be imported in a batch by file drag and drop or browsing dialog.
  • All photo and video and other media in the Camera Roll can be exported with a single click.
  • The manager allows you to use your iPhone as a USB Flash Drive but allows for much faster file transfer.
  • Files that have internationally named characters and that are larger than 2GB in size are all well supported.
  • Users can search data in the App Sandbox.
  • Users have complete command of the original iOS file system.
  • iFunboxaids users are in exploring the root file system of a jailbreak iOS device.
  • It also helps with current file previewing, fast file searching and rapid browsing and.
  • There is no tedious installation process.
  • It supplies easy access to your iPhone’s contents.
  • The app allows you to get easily rid of junk files. You can also diagnose system problems as well as configure your system.
  • You can easily personalize your settings.
  • iFunbox has support for mechanical conversion of png, Mac, and up a list and it allows for much easier file previewing.

Author Note: For limitless possibilities to what you can do with your iOS devices, iFunBox for Windows is the smart choice of file managers. The features will make your iPhone greater than it already is.


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