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Kaspersky Antivirus 2018 crack

Kaspersky 2018 crack is among the top companies who produce and release effective Antivirus software in the market. It has recently released it’s Antivirus software 2017 edition. The new release now fully supports the Windows 10 operating system.

The 2018 version is packed with new extra security features to ensure its protection coverage. It has also received various awards and mentions by several third-party websites, which include the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Threat Detection and Solutions

The Antivirus name as Kaspersky antivirus 2018 is equipped with more functions compared to most common programs in the market despite being only in the entry-level category within the Kaspersky product line. Among the powerful features within the software include:

  • Reliable virus protection
  • Antiphishing security
  • Intuitive scanning of essential items such as email and messages
  • Convenient scanning of USB and flash drives
  • Gaming mode which guarantees that security operations do not interfere with games and multimedia.

How Does It Work?

During a diagnostic system or specific scan and a virus is detected, the Antivirus can address it even if it has already infected some portions of the system. The application removes the threat from its surroundings and then destroys it effectively. The affected files or components are later restored to their original states before the onset of the infection.

In the severe cases of infections, there is an available rescue CD that serves as a last resort to save the system. It can reset the order to destroy the threat and then boots to a secure restore point.

Protection for Windows 8

Kaspersky Antivirus has been fully optimized for use in the Windows 8 operating system. Various third-party antivirus testing parties have conducted their analysis of the components of the software. The parts subject to testing include usability, performance and of course, protection. After testing procedures, it recorded the best ratings in all areas specified.

Performance Guarantee

The software ensures that performance of the system will not be hindered even if the protection is up and running in the background. It has an efficient engine that correctly identifies safe and potentially dangerous files. Despite being an entry-level program in the product line, it has the right capabilities to protect your system against most threats in circulation.

It also provides real-time security service for your system to protect against various malware. It also protects your system against threats on private financial and business transactions. When a system under protection by the service encounters a new potential risk, it is carefully diagnosed and registered in the Kaspersky Lab. It is then added to the global database so that other systems can also update their threat definitions.

Protection for Windows 7

Amongst all competing antivirus products in the market, Kaspersky remained the top contender in the field. It was also tested in the same criteria as with the Windows 8 variant. The software also garnered high scores in all three components. In fact, it bested even the Microsoft Security Essentials which comes in the operating system.

Optimum Coverage

The Antivirus comes with an intuitive interface that is easy to use. Its simple interface should not fool users – it proves to be a robust protection against malware and viruses. It is also competent in detecting and solving threats in the computer system. Other features include:

  • Regularly updated threat database
  • Fast threat recognition
  • Secure system performance while running

Protection for Windows XP & Vista

Kaspersky has raised the bar of the level of protection previously available in the older versions of Windows operating systems. It incorporates the technology available today to the previous methods, increasing their maximum security and stability.

Customer Support

Support can be reached by phone, email and live chat. All channels are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being able to help customers outside the regular business hours is a great way to ensure that customers are always heard. Online forums, FAQs boards as well as tutorial videos are available.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2018 Full Review screenshot

Kaspersky Antivirus 2017 Crack Serial Key

Kaspersky Antivirus 2017 Crack Serial Key

The Bottom Line

Kaspersky Antivirus 2018 crack is definitely among the best choices for an all-around protection for your computer system. It is a competent and reliable shield against most of the threats and dangers your system is exposed to when connecting to the Internet. Its efficient and intelligent operation lets you feel at ease while going through the day-to-day activities of work and home.


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