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KMSAuto Net V1.5.1 Portable Windows & Office Activation

KMSAuto Net is very powerful tools that one could use to activate Microsoft office and windows. The OS or MS isn’t free to everybody. You should buy windows OS or Microsoft office if you want to benefit from the premium features. By use of this software, you could enjoy the OS and MS office for the without limited time.

The application is widely known the application for activating of the OS and MS office. Activator is one of the most necessary tools that you could find on the company site. Its net allows you to enable his/her MS products. Therefore, you can apply it both in windows and MS office. You can also get it as the most Ideal activator, it can enable both TRM and VL releases of office and windows.

WHAT IS this application

This is a software that will enable your Windows OS and Microsoft office?  That shows that you could enjoy Microsoft office and windows without purchasing, so you don’t need to spend funds buying the OS and Microsoft office products.  This software could be put to use to activate all kinds of the OS without limited time. You could activate all the OS products with Microsoft office for permanent activation. This activation application is very simple to use as an activation product with just a single click.

Screenshot review 

KMSAuto Net 2018 V1.5.1 Portable Windows & Office Activation


1 With user-friendly interface, it is simple easy to use

2 all versions of MS and windows products could be enabled using the tool

3 support all versions of MS office and windows products for enabling.

4 effectively employ this device for activation of windows

5 is simple to use for enabling of MS and windows products

6 it can solve pc problem

7 windows products active for permanent

8 it could be used to improve the functioning of the PC system

9 support office 2017 and Windows 10

10 the application is clean, free of malicious content

11 fast and simple way to enable, working in seconds

12 the product gives easy and fast activation, functioning within just seconds

13 KMSAUTO net 2016 offered as a free download

14 keys have been added to support Windows 10 and office 2016

15 thoroughly safe free and clean of suspicious content

16 it provides a very user-friendly interface

17 Improve the functioning of one computer system

18 It has been designed to be in synch with the anti-virus program

19 it could solve the computer problems with enabling

20 when the products enabled by the activation program, it is not reversible

21 all versions of office and windows can be enabled using the application

22 it is trusted worldwide

23 the application is mostly applied tool for enabling of the OS products.

HOW TO GET this application

The tool is a very important software for those who do not have money to buy MS products. MS products such as office and windows are very expensive. One could get KMSAUTO life that he /she could use activation of office and windows easily. You can also Google search to get the activator software but you will get an infection or malware, and for you to complete a survey to get the right download link. In an organization website, the software is totally free for everybody

The use of the tool

1 download the free portable the application

2 KMS AUTOnet.exe requires to be applied as an administrator.

3 Then find the professional state

4 ensure you select the automatic state

5 select windows product, and click on activation button

6 it is important to activate windows and office in a mode that is manual


-this application doesn’t ask for much to execute

-You should make sure that net frameworks 4.5

– in order to execute it must collect the file KMSSSS.exe in one anti-virus, so as to disengage his/her antivirus during activation or is be removed from suspicious content.

– have whichever version of office or windows products

– VL editions:

Windows 7, vista, office 2010/2013/2016 server 2008, 2008 R2, windows 8, 8.1, 10


-One can use it on the version of office and windows.

– It could be employed to increase the performance of person computer system

– It allows one to activate products for lifetime one doesn’t need to pay for anything

– The software provides fast, and activation that is working that is easy mere moments

– It is based on KMS server service from mikmik38

– Windows server 2012 R2 standard

– It is trusted globally

-windows server 2012 R2 datacenter

– provides a real system that is user-friendly

-thoroughly clean, safe from malicious content


-The content is unknown for trustworthiness

-Google safe browsing reputation for KMSAUTO net is unknown

– It is illegal

– One may need to reactivate window again and again after some interval of time that may be 3 months or 6 months

-there isn’t any official publication or website related to this application, as the OS keep updating it and adjusting the way it operates. If this thing causes trouble for the window then there is no place you could go for support. Hence it would not be a good alternative over real enabling.

– Malware threats- it depends on website one is downloading it from. It is illegal to activate window using any third-party software but it cannot harm someone PC

– Scam is present


The software is very simple to use, enable products with just a single click. Not just does the application activate products effectiveness, but also it serves to improve one PC structure and attend to computer problems. This tool is easy to apply, so you don’t require any previous extensive computer expertise or knowledge that much. It is accessible to download for free, and the process of installation is relatively simple. The numerous attributes of the enabling application that makes it among an ideal activation program available in this day.  For permanent and reliable enabling of all office and windows products, KMSAUTO net is one of the most ideal choices globally. Your problems might go away easier than you might think.


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