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There are a plethora of threats on the internet, and they are getting worse every day. It doesn’t take long for your computer or other devices to be infected by malware. Every computer needs proper, well-rounded protection. Norton Internet Security 2014 is one such software that serves to provide protection from threats online. The program was specially created to prevent infection from viruses and other malware, as well as remove them when they have already presented themselves.

With the use of Norton Internet Security 2014, your computer is completely secured from spyware and viruses, including when web browsing and the network connections. The software has filters to thwart illicit access to your PC and evade identity theft when you are browsing. The program also protects your email and web browser from other online threats. There is no constant interruption of your work with irritating messages when Norton Internet Security is operating. The program even contains a special Facebook scan to sense harmful links.

The software is swift and light on your system’s resources. It utilizes Norton Insight to scan only the files that are in danger. Therefore, fewer scans are done, and that results in better PC performance. The Smart Scheduler feature starts scans only when your computer is idle, so you are not bothered during the operation of intensive tasks.

Key Features

  • Identifies malicious files quickly
  • It is an antivirus antispyware and antimalware
  • Identity theft security
  • 100% safety guaranteed
  • Light on your system
  • Two-way firewall
  • Securely store passwords and usernames
  • Scans Facebook and other sites for mistrustful links
  • Protects multiple devices with one subscription
  • Gives alerts about risky Android application
  • Cloud-based controls
  • Free technical support

Main Pros and Cons


  • The software is excellent at blocking fraudulent and malicious websites, ensuring your safety online at all times.
  • It has an intelligent, powerful firewall that guarantees protection from unauthorized access to your system.
  • There is little impact on system performance because the program scans only the essential files rather than run full scans when not necessary.


  • There is some difficulty getting the program installed on systems that have already been infected by malware.
  • The program is not compatible with some antivirus software during testing.
  • For complete parental control and its functions, a separate purchase is required.

Most Common Users

Norton Internet Security is beneficial to anyone who spends time on the internet, whether downloading files, shopping, and banking or reading emails. As soon as anyone goes online there is a boatload of viruses and other malware waiting to attack, so every computer user needs protection for their system as well as themselves, so the user group is not restricted to one group but rather quite universal and needed by anyone enjoying the perks of the 21st century.

Author Note: Every computer user requires a complete security package that will protect against a wide range of threats. Norton Internet Security has the features that will protect the user and the system from malicious content so that browsing becomes a more enjoyable task.


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