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GeForce Experience free download 

nvidia geforce experience download

Gotten a great flair for gaming? Then GeForce Experience is something you really have to experience. It is a unique make of the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) developed by NVIDIA that keeps your game drivers up to date and more important, ensures your game settings are automatically optimized. With this application on your system, it is possible for you to share your exciting moments on any game with your friends.

Similarly, registered users of this application who have subscribed to the NVIDIA Newsletter (free) are entitled to loads of benefits in what is called giveaways. This can range from access to game codes to more offers like Graphic cards. The application which derived its name from a contest organized in 1999 by NVIDIA, boasts of support for over 350 games which means you can always get most, if not all, of your favorite games covered.

How It Works

The application when installed on your PC, gathers all the necessary data needed to recommend the right driver update and optimal settings including your Operating System and installed games and send them straight to NVIDIA. These information bundles are used in notifying you when there is a new update to your game driver in the future which is a great way to sit back and enjoy all of the benefits without thinking of the details by yourself.

Striking Features

Game-ready Drivers

A good gaming experience surely demands a good graphics driver update. GeForce comes preloaded with the capacity to search for updates for your Game’s drivers and then notify you whether you wish to effect the installation or not. In addition to this, on a regular basis, it equally downloads your Games’ latest profile which is why NVIDIA is able to detect the right settings for your game. There is hardly any game driver that is not supported by it as it has many of the latest (/and even older) games covered.

nvidia geforce experience download

Automatic Optimization for Your Game Settings

Instead of bothering yourself tweaking your Game settings by yourself or even settling for the default settings, with GeForce Experience on your PC, just a click is what you have to do to get your game settings optimized. It is capable of selecting the best settings for your system’s GPU, RAM, CPU and Monitor right from the data center of its proprietor, NVIDIA. However, if you feel dissatisfied with the settings, and you are sure you can effectively navigate your way through the adjustment process, you may opt for the manual settings.

Record and Share with Friends

The software comes with a feature known as ShadowPlay which enables you to record exciting moments in your gaming experience which you can either choose to edit and send to your friends or stream online at twitch.tv. This is done by clicking on Alt+F10 buttons on your PC and your last 20 minutes of play would be recorded and saved directly to your disk.

Live Stream to NVIDIA SHIELD

Your current game can be streamed from your PC to your T.V Set where you may wish to continue playing. This is achievable with the aid of GeForce GTX graphics card. All you have to do is to pair your SHIELD with your PC, thanks to the NVIDIA GameStream technology and you are good to go.

In-game Photography

The NVIDIA Ansel Camera which comes with GeForce makes it possible to take photographs of exciting moments on your game and you can upload them on any of your preferred social media platforms.

System Requirements for Installation

  • Operating System: Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • Available Memory on Hard Disk: Minimum of 20MB
  • Supported CPUs: AMD Phenom II, Intel Pentium G Series, Athlon II, Core 2 Duo, Phenom FX, X4 or a higher version, Quad Core i3, i5, i7 or a higher version
  • RAM: 2 GB


There are related software which performs all or some of the functions which GeForce does. Some of these include

  • Nvtray
  • RadeonPro by AMD

It should be noted that in the actual sense, only AMD and NVIDIA are in the high-end competitive market when it comes to latest drivers for GPU, RAM and others. They basically offer the same thing only with NVIDIA GeForce performing better in power usage and other R and D packages. AMD however, gets the better of NVIDIA in their price system.


  • Automatic Optimization of Game Settings
  • Efficient Download of Games Profile and drivers
  • Comprehensive Game files
  • Easy to Use and install
  • Enjoys wide support from most games
  • There are giveaways for users
  • It is pretty adaptable to mobile devices
  • Streaming to SHIELD Devices possible with other broadcasting possibilities


  • The graphics cards are very expensive. For instance, GeForce GTX 1080 goes for a sum of 549 dollars.


Enhanced Gaming experience just got better with GeForce. It can be troubling trying to search for driver updates manually but with the revolutionary innovation of NVIDIA, the only thing you have to do is sit back and enjoy your game – the way thousands of people could only dream of decades ago and now it is a reality presented to the whole word.

All you have to do is grab it and enjoy the benefits. It doesn’t matter if you are sure or not of the appropriate settings to get the best out of the game, geforce experience download understands and with its ever-comprehensive profile, ready to automatically give you the best Game settings. In short, every other thing apart from playing would be done for you. One major setback to this application however is the price and it is expected that to encourage more subscriptions from the teeming Game Community, something drastic would be done by its developers concerning it soon. But aside the price, give it to GeForce all the way. There is a good reason it became this popular, so don’t be an outcast and don’t let worse products ruin your experience.


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