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Passmark BurnInTest Pro v8.1 Crack Serial Key

Passmark BurnInTest Pro V8.1 Build 1018 / Serial Key

Passmark BurnInTest Pro v8.1 is an application that lets you test your system configuration. Results are then generated and reported after the test procedure. Users are free to choose which hardware components they want to run system tests on. They are also given the option to adjust the individual load placed on each component by using the slide bars provided. Each report generated displays the results in each corresponding window. These reports are then consolidated within the main application window, as well as the errors that might have occurred during the testing operations. The hardware components you can test include CD and DVD drives, CPU, GPU, a sound system card, network card, serial and parallel ports, as well as USB ports, even printers. These components can be tested simultaneously.

The resulting reports may be saved to the drive, or printed in hard copy or as a digital image. Other notable functions include an interface for monitoring the system temperature, timed testing procedures, display of information regarding the system such as CPU speed and serials, L2 cache size, and regular logging of results in key intervals.

Passmark BurnInTest Pro 8.1 serial key includes USB loopback plugs, as well as serial and parallel. The app also offers comprehensive support from its online database. Highly advanced functions of testing of EMC to ANSI C63.4-1992, cyclic rebooting and 64GB testing of RAM are featured in this powerful application. It is important for large industries and companies who rely on electronic computing systems and databases to prevent failure of hardware components through regular and systematic testing procedures. Doing so saves them a lot of money and effort in the long run.

Key Features Of Passmark BurnInTest Pro

  • User-friendly interface allows for easy installation and operation
  • Simple testing procedures for testing and results reporting
  • Individual selection of test load on hardware components.
  • Highly configurable test parameters
  • Timed testing based on set cycles or duration
  • Can be launched from bootable USB, Disk, and optical drives
  • Supports automation of production line
  • Lightweight program which can be run from any removable disk
  • Simultaneous testing capability of up to 256 individual CPUs, 32 memory modules, and 50 disk drives
  • Supports parameter testing of SMART hard disk
  • Optical drive tests on reading and burning performance through specialized test media

Main Pros and Cons


  • Highly customizable testing parameters allow for more comprehensive results. Accurate report generation based on individual loads of each hardware component shows a clear overview of their statistics, including vital performance values and results.
  • The reliable capability of simultaneous heavy testing of numerous hardware components lets managers to save time on monitoring work on their company’s individual computer systems and databases.
  • Online support through customer inquiry and PDF manual for application operation and use helps new users to easily grasp vital testing terminologies and parameters.


  • Highly technical results may seem to have little relevance to beginners. Test results need to be interpreted first by knowledgeable users before actions are taken to address errors.

Most Common Users:

Users include systems managers and maintenance supervisors of computer hardware. This powerful testing application offers various technical tools to systems managers for convenient and accurate simultaneous testing of numerous hardware components. The testing capability of the application saves valuable operation time.

Author Note:

Passmark BurnInTest Pro 8.1 for windows is a powerful application for highly advanced hardware component testing purposes and processes. The featured tools and functions are convenient in testing many different components simultaneously.


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