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Pixel Gun 3D hack apk is a game that features on most gaming devices, now sits pretty on the top 10 list of survival and multiplayer FPS games on almost all platforms. First player shooting games are extremely popular among children, teens, and young adults. The game features two modes that players can play in, a survival campaign that is single player only, and a multiplayer mode that involves players from around the world. Staple features like shooting, reloading, and other movements are a part of the controls. The graphics of the game pretty basic and features blocks of artwork distributed unevenly across the screen.

pixel gun 3d hack apk Money Mod 11.2.3 Latest Updated

The most enjoyed part of the game is the interactive multiplayer mode that enables the player, the first-person shooter, to relive the entire experience right from the adrenaline rush of gaming. The running around in search for threats and looking for clues on the map, shooting at targets are all elements of the perfect shooting game. Over an active internet connection, players from all around the world can be involved in a game of shooting enhancing the experience. A lot of weapons are available in the armory of the game available across maps and other routes. On the other hand, the single player mode is more restrictive and challenging with limited ammunition available to players. Because of these restrictions available on the same platform, most players will find themselves on multiplayer mode more than the single player, unfortunately.

Nonetheless, the game offers a great authentic first-person shooter experience on a stable platform. The game shines in its multiplayer game mode, graphics elements, but lacks heavily in its single player survival mode.

Supported File Types

  • The game is offered as PC Download and as a mountable .iso CD file type that when installed works as an .exe application file.

Main Features

  • Single player and Multiplayer modes featuring up to 10 players in one game
  • HD graphics equipped with bright light regulation
  • Authentic FPS gaming experience to get you hooked
  • User-friendly controls
  • Armory of over 100 kinds of weapons that can be upgraded
  • Gameplay features different shooting modes including one-on-one Sandbox and Duels
  • Multiplayer rounds feature shooting modes like Sandbox and Duels, co-operative, Flag Capture, Point Capture, Deathmatch.
  • Challenging areas
  • Detailed maps to explore various areas
  • Customized skin design – everybody loves this stuff

Operating Systems:

  • Apart from Android, Apple, and Windows, the game is available on
  • Available on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP and higher

Installation Requirements:

  • Dual-core or Quad-core CPU
  • A minimum of 512 MB of free RAM for smooth operation
  • Active Broadband connection for Internet access
  • 1GB of space of free hard drive space

How to install and use:

  • If you’re downloading it via PC Download, then run the installation wizard
  • Approve for permissions, pick your desired location for installation
  • Finish the installation wizard
  • The game is now installed
  • Open the game from the start menu or using the desktop shortcut and follow the on-screen instructions to start the amazing gaming experience presenting ahead of you


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