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why security antivirus is necessary

Yes, it’s a good question that what the importance of Antivirus for a Windows PC is. Anti-Virus is a software that was originally developed to detect and delete permanently viruses from your Computer system. Nowadays there are much more types of viruses named as malware, spyware threats, Trojan and so on. But the modern antivirus software can protect the computer from malicious browser helper objects, keyloggers, rootkits, worms, malicious LSPs, and spyware. Some other products also include protection from your pc threats like as malicious URLs, spam, phishing attacks, online banking attacks, social engineering techniques, botnet DDoS attacks and advanced persistent threats as well.

Features of Antivirus Programs

There are available many different antivirus programs that secure your computer system. There are available many different so software that gives user many advantages so that you can detect and remove viruses, malware and even every program that can harm Windows PC. Lack of Security Antivirus can cause loss of data, ruined computer systems and in the worst case scenarios, and sensitive data were falling into the wrong hands, or prying eyes can access data.

Benefits of Security Antivirus for Computer

Nice to know the benefits of Antivirus programs because it is becoming a serious issue. Some people thoughts that the antivirus programs hang up the Computer system, but it is not fact. The Antivirus software programs work for detection and removal of suspicious programs in Computer. The latest version of Antivirus programs is advanced. The covers a little space in the Hard disk drive and also works as a background and detects the harmful programs in mean time.

Disadvantages of Antivirus Programs.

When you install Antivirus program, it is not a firewall, and it will not prevent you from getting hacked so that you only do is to install firewall software and also you can download or install internet security suite for the protection of your computer. Secondly, Security Antivirus software does not adequately protect you from viruses, having an Anti-virus software with multi-detection methods in not enough, so you have yo putting up an internet firewall also. Some Antivirus software slows down your Computer system and installing anti-virus software can use a lot of computer memory and hard disk space.

How it is Important in Individual Life

If you are computer user then you are not safe from the viruses or spyware, the latest viruses are designed to enter from one computer to another via Flash Drive, or internet alike. The Anti-virus software is a program that can use to detect, remove and quarantine the viruses from either the computer files or computer systems from data and programs that are infected. Because the virus is the malicious program that can damage your whole computer system and you can secure after installing Anti-Virus software.


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