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Video converts. And I’m not just talking about business. Being able to post video that your followers are excited by is going to get them talking, liking, commenting.

But what’s that? You’re no Steven Spielberg? You don’t know how to pull a kick ass video together in time for Christmas, let alone instantly?

Well that’s because you’re not using Vivavideo pc.

Vivavideo for PC / Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & MAC


To put it really simply – Vivavideo for pc will help you make videos. Adding effects, stickers, writing etc. you can quickly and easily put together simple videos that your friends will love.

Maybe you’re building a following on Instagram or you think your cat could be a star, having a powerful tool like Vivavideo for pc by your side could make a huge difference to your success.

One of the best video editors available in the Google Play Store, Vive Video already has millions of people utilising its array of simple tools.

Because one thing we know from every single stat you can find, video beats pictures, pictures beat words etc. but until now there have been a lot of video editing options that really tried to take editors from PC’s and laptops and make them work on mobile.

It’s interesting the way that happened. A constant mistake! For years people seemed to think that mobile users needed the home software squeezing to fit the size of their new screen.

But mobile is a new opportunity in and of itself.

And the way we consume video is very different on mobile to the way we consume on our computers.

As cinema has found a way to convert on laptop and home computers, mobile has found its own voice, turning the English language into a series of emojis, gifs and viral video that grabs our attention, hooks us in and gets us sharing.

We don’t share feature films.

We share short, engaging clips.

And viva video is the editing software for THAT world.


Having said this, being able to access Vivavideo on your PC would be handy because utilising the larger screen would bring a host of opportunities.

Sad to say, Vivavideo is ONLY available on mobile.

But trust us, we found a way to make it work all the same.

If you use an Android emulator on your P, you can convince your machine it really is an Android mobile, so you can run Android software native on your Pc.

What exactly is an Android emulator though? It’s a piece of software that acts like an Android phone whilst running on your PC. It means that you can access all of your apps and games, taking them fast and fullscreen in an instant. It also means that apps like VivaVideo can be used to their full advantage in a more appropriate place (searching for video content just works better on PC, don’t you think?)

However, the fact is that most Android emulators just aren’t the same. Some are better than others and if you’re going t run a piece of software as powerful as vivavideo for pc then you want something that really works.

Bluestacks for PC is an awesome Android emulator. By using it you truly give yourself the mobile experience on the big screen, bringing all your own files, documents and pictures to your PC too which means you can text and work seamlessly whilst still using your PC for everything else.

If you are going to download an Android Emulator then take this as a recommendation – we trust Bluestacks for Vivavideo and we think you’re going to love it – you can download Bluestacks for PC here and start with Vivavideo right away.


No catch here, Vivavideo for pc is a smart and powerful piece of software that is, truth be told, considerably more powerful than we first assumed it would be.

That’s because it’s so easy and playful. A beautifully designed app that gives you a considerable control over your video.

If there were any catch it would simply be that Vivavideo takes up a bunch of space and will do the same with all the videos you edit. But that’s just a reason to challenge if you really want the app it’s the same way with any video editor.

BUT DO I WANT Vivavideo?

This is a great question and allows us to really go nuts for Vivavideo.

You have a bunch of different camera modes to play with meaning there are multiple ways to bring raw footage into your video. You can also access a whole range of emojis and stickers to decorate your videos.

You can add text too, which means you can add funny comments, usernames and instructions for people watching your video that mean, especially with instagram stories, you start to have a really powerful tool.

In fact, with the way you can so easily add things to your video and edit the time their on screen etc. this is less a video editor and more of a story telling machine for a social generation. That might sound like a big statement but it’s true.

Video annotation is a big deal, it allows you to bring even more story into really short clips and that gives your video a greater depth than if you just posted raw.

Plus, the use of filters on your video can really bring it to life, making sure that however you shot it you can make it feel instantly more expensive.

With the ability to share to social platforms right from the app, this really is a one stop shop with a beautifully elegant user interface that means anybody can pick it up and intuitively start using it right away.

Vivavideo for pc is the best video editing for social storytellers who want to edit their videos and share on the fly. If you’re not using it then we really believe you’re limiting yourself. This is the exact tool you need for simple, fun and social videos.


You can Download Vivavideo for PC here


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