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Waterfox Portable Browser 44.0.3 Windows 32 Bit & 64 Bit

Waterfox Portable Browser 44.0.3 Windows 32


Waterfox Portable for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1. Nothing beats speed when we are browsing the web. We want to research, conduct business or complete any action on the internet swiftly. It is difficult to wait patiently while a slow browser operates. This is the era of the internet, and we want things done at the snap of a finger because we have busy schedules. If you are looking for a fast browser, Waterfox browser portable is the one to use. It is a far above the ground performance browser that is based on the Mozilla platform.  This browser was made particularly for 64 Bit systems and has one thing in mind: speed.

The browser’s developers customized the Firefox source code especially for machines operating 64-bit versions of Windows. Software tailored for 64 bit Windows editions can take advantage of more rapid RAM and processing speeds as well as superior steadiness in 64 bit systems. So, what is it that makes Waterfox so fast? It is constructed with Intel’s C++ compiler, which is among the most dominant compilers out there. This facilitates for creating the fastest possible web browser for all the code alterations that are made. This powerful grouping makes for an unmatched browsing experience.

Over all, this open-source browser promises to convey high performance. It is easily accessible by anyone because it is freeware, offered as a free download, so everything you ever wanted can now be found in one single solution at the reach of a few clicks.


Waterfox Portable Browser 44.0.3 Windows 32

Key Features Of Waterfox Browser 44.0.3 (64 Bit)

  • This browser enhances your browsing experience by providing you with high speed. It is one of the fastest browsers available.
  • It is secure and reliable.
  • Waterfox comes packed with all the advantages of Firefox.
  • It offers potent customization options and safety features, at the same time preserving system resources.
  • The tab-based interface permits you to open various pages at the same time.
  • It provides smart bookmarks.
  • It provides a download manager.
  • There is tab grouping as well as spell checking.
  • The browser comes with a pop-up blocker.
  • It protects your computer from malicious threats such as spyware and viruses. It does this B preventing entrance to reported attack sites and web forgeries.
  • The browser includes a set of features specially intended for web developers, as the ‘Debugger,’ the ‘Style Editor’ or the Web Console.’
  • Users can tailor the browser according to their requirements and needs by using the add-on manager.
  • Users can perform anonymous navigations by the use of private browsing, a password manager, offline browsing, cache management tools, and proxy connections.
  • The browser has implemented Intel’s Math Library.
  • There has been execution of SSE3 for all processors
  • There has been the implementation of Intel Sandy Bridge, AVX, and later processors.

System Requirements

  • The browser operates on Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, and Windows Vista
  • It operates on 64 bit OS

Author Note: If you want speed when it comes to your browser, Waterfox is well worth running. You can push the performance envelope as far as you can, and it will not fail to deliver.


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