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Windows 8.1 Crack Kms Activator

Windows 8.1 Crack is a much powerful tool in Microsoft development. For your computer to operate effectively and support all the programs that you want it to run, one of the things that you need to install in it is a powerful operating system. Without this, even the most advanced computer is as good as dead. That is why you need to identify the most appropriate OS to suit your needs. Microsoft has greatly shaped the OS market in the last few decades due to their status as the top developers of OS for personal computers. Windows 8.1 is one of their most recent releases and has been received positively by most of the computing world.

Windows 8.1 Crack Kms Activator Free Download

This positive reception is mainly driven by the fact that this OS offers users several new functionalities while remaining true to the Windows aesthetics from previous versions. When developing this software, Microsoft factored in the increasingly blurred line between laptops and tablets. They have therefore developed a platform that is optimized for both and hence enhancing functionality. This is a great advantage for those who own mini-laptops that also serve as tablets. However, this is not the only benefit that its users get to enjoy as it is packed with a wide array of features which make it every computer user’s dream.

Key Features of Windows 8.1 activator

  • A new Start screen
  • Familiar desktop features
  • Tile based interface
  • Inbuilt Skydrive connectivity
  • Personalization of backgrounds and tiles
  • Access to the Windows Store
  • Fast search utility
  • Multiple inbuilt apps
  • Tactile mouse and keyboard

Main Pros and Cons


  • One of the complaints that many users had with Windows 8 was that it had gotten rid of the Windows features they were used to. This version remedies the situation as it includes all the familiar features including the start button, thereby easing navigation
  • The distinct tile-based interface has been done intentionally to offer users an OS that can run on a tablet just as well as it would on a desktop computer. It has been optimized for the different kinds of devices and hence will present you with all the features you need regardless of the device you are using
  • In keeping with Windows tradition, this release also has several built-in apps that any user would find useful. These include the Calendar, Health & Fitness, Photos, and Skype. In addition to this, one can directly download their preferred apps through the Windows Store
  • The cloud has become an essential part of modern computing and hence this software has been made to offer you quick access to the Skydrive. You can save all your media and document files in it as you wish or download some at any time
  • The fast search utility on the tiles makes it possible for one to locate any program or file through an advanced search process. In addition to this, one can customize their tiles to suit their individual tastes and preferences


  • Some of its features may not perform optimally when switching from one OS mode to another. This may be when shifting from tablet to laptop or vice versa, thereby disrupting operations.

Windows 8.1 Crack Kms Activator Free Download

Most Common Users

There is no specific category of people who this program is made for. This is because it has been designed to meet the needs of all users including professionals, students, scientists, computer experts, and engineers.

Author note: Despite the small problem mentioned earlier, this is one of the best Windows products ever. It has been made with the sole objective of meeting its users’ needs and demands.


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